Entering mindset of Leap Baby Testimony, exposes the majestic interior of the author Rashana Robinson an individual born on the 29th day of February. The world’s rarest birthday, so secret society is the least to say and this is only a sneak peek of how a Leap-baby thinks. Inviting and enticing you through a lyrical journey, chronicling various life experiences powerfully written in an innovative and unconventional ten-line expression poem format. Thought provoking relatable truths, and awareness of the urban masses harshly unique day to day realities that were culturally adopted yet became culturally accepted.

A Book By
Rashana Robinson

Hoping to captivate like minds, uplift a spirit, challenge perspectives, and inspire change.  I'm an imperfect Christian, Bay area (Peninsula) born native, college educated, single mom raising a teenager, unforeseen tween author when I basically began writing in any notebook I  could get my hands on, a community activist for at risk youth, and a productive citizen of  several Bay area communities. Actively involved daily with improving the well-being and living  conditions of the homeless, and low-income sectors. Enjoy the read and the ride, it’s a real  rollercoaster.

Rashana Robinson

Rashana Robinson

Thanks to my creator for planting the seeds, I finally decided to water within myself. A Tiny leap of faith so don’t think leap baby!
Rashana Robinson
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